Remember coming this  6-9 June 2017. Palais des Festivals  thru 9th of June is the great ,grandmother of all the music trade shows and conferences.  MIDEM   ( pronounced Meeeedem ).
For those new and existing clients, we will once again have a successful collection of meetings for a variety of deals.  Here’s what the big picture looks like , http:///
The convergence of all mediums that use, need , thrive on and want music is here.
We have been there just about every year since 1987, except off with good behaviour in the early to mid 90s .
*If you have unreleased or even previously released super quality music or songs, we should speak soon…. Also RSVP for our company party on the last night.

We get your music & some DVD for placement in tv, movies, commercials & games:

We love publishing,marketing,merchandising and streaming. We attend the major music trade shows, all over the world. All of our clients must tour !

We are expanding with our monthly, negotiable FEE and percentage based arrangements. Your music, your songs deserve to be placed in a visual context.

Our international roster includes the classic r&b pop hitmakers ” The Atlantic Starr and  hit artiste and songwriter , Gregg Sutton 

the Brasilian singer / performer, BEATRICE MASON, whose career is blossoming worldwide, . Her cd 12 Seconds is selling briskly & now her “Nick Drake ” tribute is on sale.

Overall we see Asia, Taiwan & China is our # 1 , Our clients projects to be realised over the next 5 years.
At the same time,we are always hands on with Europe & S America and on platforms..

Bruce C STEVENSON is our breakout artiste in 2017. Ask for his sample, CHASING JUPITER.

DJ TROTSKY,Welcome back DJ /remixer CHRISTIAN B , &

Mr. ANTHONY THOMAS, the award ,choreographer Rhythm Nation
& the classic r&b pop band, ATLANTIC STARR

We have the honesty,,experience & connections both new & old.

IF U have invested in your projects or company & have had limited results, let’s discuss how we can help turn it around together. YOUR songs always 1st !

We collect on foreign publishing income, if it has been up to three years you have not received any monies or statements.

No borders- Markets,. Germany, France, UK, Scandinavia, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Russia, India , Brasil, Mexico, Emirates, India, Singapore Korea, Taiwan, China,  Japan, east Euro countries, Australia and New Zealand South Africa, Nigeria, Israel, The Baltic countries and Ukraine, and  parts of South America.

Ellis Rich  CEO of Supreme Songs LTD.

Nick Dunn | Horus Music President