Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What exactly does The Music Umbrella do?
A: We are modest, monthly FEE based, aggressive 37 year old and BOLD , indie music and international entertainment advisory, music publishing company.

The Umbrella donate 20% of all profits to American Civil Liberties Union, ACLU, and to Save The Bees. org

Our Fees are based on the amount of services and work we will provide you, the client.

Q: Do you specialize in certain areas?
A: We specialize in consulting for private investors, start ups, established record and music publishing companies. Whether you are a small or medium size company, and if you are seeking to have your DVDs, CDs and artists licensed (digital-On and Off line) and sold around the world, you should contact us.

We broker sales and acquisitions for all music related companies , if interest inquire

Q: What genres do you work with?
A: We are quite selective but all genres of music are considered. We are actively seeking artists that need representation for the world market. Please contact us if you feel you fit.