The Music Umbrella International Consulting company, established in 1980, is a 39 year old entertainment management, music publishing, licensing and media consulting company.

The company concentrates on the expanding and emerging, international music scene.


We are happy to announce our new Senior Executive, Melissa Jennings.  She has been a proven success in business and her passion for music and entertainment exceeds all expectations.

Since its beginnings in 1980, the company has worked with the likes of  The Who, AC DC, Atlantic Starr, Anita Baker, Luther Vandross, Barry White, Wynonna Judd, the Oak Ridge Boys, Janet Jackson, Robin Gibb  (of the Bee Gees), and countless other successful artists, producers, top indie labels, songwriters, choreographers, and composers.

As a publishers, Sweet Glenn and Sweet Karol Music have garnered seven Gold records , three multi-Platinum records and many top ASCAP and BMI top performance awards. .In addition, as an active publisher since 1983, Sweet Glenn and Sweet Karol Music have garnered seven Gold records,..Both companies have since  been  sold,  to make way for The Music Umbrella Music (ASCAP) and The Music Umbrella Songs (BMI), which were launched on January 1st, 2017.

The Music Umbrella International Consulting  has represented a variety of labels, publishers, artists and venture capitalists over the years. The Music Umbrella, TMU, has literally placed thousands of songs into television shows, films, commercials trailers and video games. Our consultation has led to producer, publisher, writer and artist submissions that have led to placement of songs that have reached top 5 chart status and multi-platinum sales.

Over the past 17 years , the Music Umbrella has been very active and successful licensing music around the world. By using digital distribution, streaming and excellent sub publishing deals, several of our acts have performed in the international markets where their music has had good exposure. It is imperative all acts must tour and sell carefully crafted merchandise.which we help brand with our clients.